A quick and friendly reminder to never shame an individual for not pursuing their true intellectual passions in college. Not everyone is privileged enough to spend thousands of dollars and four+ years in an academic setting to pursue a field of study that may be economically “risky”. And some are not privileged and they still go for what they love.

But don’t ever hold it against people who can’t.

Some people have to put their passions aside for the sake of their children, for financial stressers, for the hope of a means of escape from a cyclical pattern of economic and social oppression.

Don’t blame people for doing what they need to do to survive in a confining, oppressive capitalistic system.

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a big stupid idiot crush


a big stupid idiot crush

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This is The greatest Zelda sound effect you will ever hear.

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  • me: I reblog that person too much, they must think I'm a creep. Let me just scroll past that post.
  • me:
  • me: But it was such a good post.
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: Reblog that shit.

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"Ah, they say you can see a girl’s true inner self from her blog."

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